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Starting a Business

With factors of isolation and insulation so prevalent in the world today, Vivaleap can help you start your first venture, or add another business to your life, building a foundation that will align the heritage of your company with your community and create a purpose beyond the purchase.

Communitizing an Existing Business

Building community based customer resources and a multi-level social mission into an existing business is the strongest and most enduring part of a company's marketing and advertising. You and your customers are then actively engaged with and working for each other. Your products become both useful and symbolic. Vivaleap helps companies create and uphold their heritage by building a set of innovative community outreach tools, specific to who you are as a business, that keeps company, customers and products growing and thriving interdependently.

How does it work?


Vivaleap offers one-time trouble shooting appointments, special project work, and ongoing consultation. Because every situation is unique, Vivaleap will work with you, and as necessary, assemble a well-rounded and like minded team to accommodate a menu of options that will work for your business.


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