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The Sekem Initiative

Another inspiring example of sustainable development is the 'Sekem Initiative' in Egypt. Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish, the founder and chairman of SEKEM Group, has won the Right Livelihood Award, otherwise known as the Alternative Nobel Peace Prize, and he was named one of the world’s “10 most Outstanding Social Entrepreneurs” by the Charles Schwab Foundation.

The Sekem Initiative was praised for establishing a blueprint “for the healthy corporation of the twenty-first century” in which economic success went hand in hand with social and cultural development. Its founders have recognised that the first question to justify any undertaking should not be “will it make a profit?” but “will it serve my community?” Sekem, an internationally renowned market leader for ecological products combines economic success with projects in the field of education and health. A statement by the Right Livelihood Award Foundation described the initiative as an example of the “economics of love”. You can read all about the Sekem Initiative here:

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