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Megan Haas - CV

Social entrepreneur and consultant with a proven track record of developing companies that fill much-needed gaps in the social sector.


Synthesizer of the community and the corporate, and strong advocate of high standards in business and civil discourse. 

Trustworthy strategist and communicator, committed to arriving at solutions that provide lasting, positive effect on the world.


Empathetically and compassionately driven founder who is consistently learning through leadership.

Dedicated worker for a world in which health, education, the arts, technology and economics, can be structured around fundamental human rights. 



Kinnected– Founder, 2017 – present -TBA Spring 2019

Vivaleap– Owner, 2006 - present – Your Community is your Business. 
Mission - To help build socially meaningful relationships between a company and its customers.

The Utilikilts Co. - Co-Founder, 2000-2007 – We Sell Freedom! 
Mission: To Pioneer a comfortable alternative to trousers by producing Men’s Unbifurcated Garments, (MUG’s), and to set in motion a global paradigm shift towards ‘what is possible.’ Taken from the visionary phase to a million-dollar enterprise.

Educare Press – Co-partner, 1996 – 2000 – Small Independent Press. 
Mission – to give an unrestrained and agile voice to independent literature; to bring to life more abstract, creative and innovative forms, emphasizing unknown authors in geography, education, and the arts.

The Front Porch School – Co-Founder, 1991-1994
Mission: To conceive and implement a successful academic foundational program to bridge the gap between socialization and education for rural home-schooled girls; to provide them with a passion for learning along with an understanding of friendship and collaboration. 


2004 - The Seattle Mayor’s Small business of the year award
2004  - Better Business Bureau’s, innovative Business Practices of the year award. 

Peredur Centre for the arts. West Sussex, UK

Earlham college. Richmond, IN
Green Meadow Waldorf School. Spring Valley, NY


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