Megan Haas is a cultural entrepreneur who comes from a family of explorers and innovators whose ideas and actions have shaped her own. Growing up she was immersed in several world-wide communities with strong social, cultural and business values, and as a result has modeled her life and work around both developing healthy community culture, and learning from it.

From co-founding a groundbreaking company that puts men all over the world in skirts, (the Utilikilts Co.), to developing a new culture around global public self-health -- Megan's strength is openly translating an underground sensibility to a mainstream audience without losing either.

Megan's current project, Kinnected, is a crucially needed, equitable, global health platform that's structured around health empowerment, and building community around the practical, meaningful ways in which we truly care for one another.

Kinnected is a worldwide social sanctuary. Each feature is designed to offer a sense of hope and helpfulness. Each function on the site is designed to shift the paradigm towards revitalizing human emotional connection, spurring self-health advocacy, and motivating collaboration.

Kinnected has been in long term development and is committed to building purposeful technology that nurtures both people and health professionals in the spirit of trust and social excellence.

Kinnected– Founder, 2006 – present -Launch:  OCT 2019

Vivaleap– Owner, 2007 - present – Your Community is your Business. 
Mission - To build socially meaningful relationships between a company and its customers.

The Utilikilts Co. - Co-Founder, 2000-2007 – We Sell Freedom! 
Mission: To Pioneer a comfortable alternative to trousers by producing Men’s Unbifurcated Garments, (MUG’s), and to set in motion a global paradigm shift towards ‘what is possible.’ 

Educare Press – Co-partner, 1996 – 2000 – Small Independent Press. 
Mission – to give an unrestrained and agile voice to independent literature; to bring to life more abstract, creative and innovative forms, emphasizing unknown authors in geography, education, and the arts.

The Front Porch School – Co-Founder, 1991-1994
Mission: To conceive and implement a successful academic foundational program to bridge the gap between socialization and education for rural home-schooled girls; to provide them with a passion for learning along with an understanding of friendship and collaboration. 


2004 - The Seattle Mayor’s Small business of the year award
2004  - Better Business Bureau’s, innovative Business Practices of the year award. 

Presenter: Interdependence Day, Mexico City, 2007 
The three-day forum convened annually to correspond with the 9/11 anniversary, focusing on "creating positive interdependence" through trans-national work to find political, social and business solutions to crime, war, financial crises, environmental hazards and public health concerns.

Presenter/Changemaker category: Politico Annual Health Summit, Amsterdam, 2019
Politico's annual health care event gathers industry leaders, policymakers, regulators, providers, payers and patient representatives to discuss what it takes to make innovation affordable and medicine safe and accessible.

The Adventures of the Wizard Aquarius and other stories

Aural History

Peredur Centre for the arts. West Sussex, UK

Earlham college. Richmond, IN
Green Meadow Waldorf School. Spring Valley, NY